'Nasty Mexican Dog': White Woman Identified as SFSU Student Abuses Latino Man

The victim, Stanley Gonzalez, maintains calm by repeatedly saying 'God bless you' to his abuser.

A white woman was caught hurling racist abuses at a man, calling him a 'nasty Mexican dog'. The video of the incident, which took place in a predominately Black and Latino neighborhood located in San Francisco, California, was shared by the victim's girlfriend on Twitter.

The woman was reportedly abusing a Latino man walking a dog when Stanley Gonzalez intervened only to be called a nasty Mexican dog by the racist woman.

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The unidentified woman caught abusing Latino man in San Francisco Twitter

Woman Calls Victim Nasty Mexican Dog Repeatedly

Sharing the 45-second clip on the microblogging site, user @milkteamamacita wrot: "BAY AREA- My boyfriend was walking to his car when he witnessed a woman in his neighborhood yelling racial slurs at a Latino man walking his dog. My bf called her to stop and proceeded to walk to his car. She was waiting for him up the hill and started to attack him verbally."

Dressed in a black slacks and white t-shirt with a shrug, the racist woman, whom the user later identified as a student of criminal justice department at San Francisco State University (SFSU), is seen waiting for the victim on a sidewalk.

As Gonzalez nears the woman, she starts off saying, "I don't care. You nasty Mexican dog." She then keeps on ranting nasty Mexican dog repeatedly, even as the victim keeps on ignoring her rants saying God Bless you.

At one point, Gonzalez warns the woman to not follow her, saying: "Keep following me and I'll call the cops on you." The woman replies back saying, "I'm not following you, you're following me, dog."

Woman Was Previously Abusing Another Latino Man

The man again says God bless you lady, God bless you, after which the racist woman says 'F**k off". When the victim adds that Jesus loves her, she replies, "'F*** off! Don't talk to me about Jesus, I don't want to talk to you. You started talking to me nasty dog. You started talking to me nasty dog. Mexican nasty turd-coloured dog.'


The man then responds by saying have a nice day, God bless you before moving out, with the woman still continuing her racist tirade calling him turd, nasty dog.

Speaking to ABC 7, Gonzalez said that the woman's racist rant against him started after he intervened in her racial outburst against a Latino man walking his dog. "She turned around and started screaming racial slurs like 'oh your dog looks like you, a Mexican dog!'" said Gonzalez.