Melania Snubs Donald Trump Again, Barron Gestures Him to Hurry Up; Twitter Rolls Out Memes

In the past too, Melania Trump had often avoided holding hands with her husband.

Melania Trump snubbed US President Donald Trump again after he tried to hold her hand while getting down from Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. The clip of the incident went viral on Twitter, where many speculated that all is not well in their marriage.

Trump was recently embroiled in a series of controversies arising in the wake of Michael Cohen's tell-all book. Cohen has spoken about Trump's infidelity towards Melania in the book.

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The White House

Melania Pulls Away her Arm From Trump

In the latest incident, a clip shared by The Hill showed the US President and FLOTUS arriving at Joint Base Andrews following their trip to Morristown, New Jersey, in Air Force One. Accompanying the couple was their son, Barron Trump.

Both Melania and Trump are seen walking side by side down the stairs of the Air Force One. After climbing down two or three steps, Trump is seen trying to grab Melania's hand. In turn, Melania not only snubs Trump but also pulls away her arm from him. The US President is also seen saying something to Melania, which she continues to ignore as she continues to climb down the stairs with a bag in one hand and the other holding on to the side rail.

In the same clip, towards the end, as the first family gets ready to board the chopper for their onward journey, Barron Trump, who is walking behind his father, is seen gesturing him to hurry up.

Viral Clip Enthralls Netizens

The clip has garnered over 1.4 million views since it was uploaded a few hours ago. The Twitterati were in full flow, ridiculing the US President with a series of memes.

"She can't stand him so much, she'd rather roll down the steps in order to avoid him. And he can't even let his kid go before him into the helicopter," tweeted a person.

Artist Derek DelGaudio, while sharing the clip, tweeted, "She's voting for Biden."

"Judging from today's news video of Melania refusing to let Trump hold her hand, I'm betting she read Michael Cohen's foreward over the weekend. You know, the part where he says he helped cover up Trump's cheating on Melania with *all* the women. It wasn't just Stormy," wrote another user.