UFO-sightings on the rise in US? After Texas, fleet of lights spotted in Detroit (VIDEO)

The appearance of mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFO) in Detroit has made many believe that aliens have visited earth

UFO Detroit
Mysterious flying vessels in the skies of Detroit YouTube: BP Tech Fix

It was around a few days back that seven unknown flying objects were spotted in the skies of Texas. The video of the alleged UFO incident soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists started arguing that something sinister is going on in the skies. Now, another UFO sighting has happened in Detroit, and this time, a fleet of unknown flying objects hovered across the skies in bizarre formation.

The mysterious UFO sighting in Detroit

In the video, 20 bright red UFO orbs can be seen hovering in the skies, and they appear to follow one another in a mysterious pattern. As the video started playing, a person in the background can be heard saying the lights that appeared in the skies are not airplanes. In the meantime, another lady says that the UFOs have started disappearing from the skies.

The video of the bizarre incident was uploaded to YouTube by the channel, 'BP Tech Fix', and it has already garnered more than 2,30,000 views. After watching the creepy clip, viewers also shared their theories to explain this bizarre sighting.

Most of the viewers who watched the UFO video argued that these vessels could be most probably alien vessels from deep space. Some other viewers argued that Donald Trump's space force is actually operational in the skies, and the flying vessels spotted on the skies could be secretive military vessels developed by the US military.

"I think disclosure will happen soon. so many UFOs are being filmed all over the world," commented Nephilim 1333, a YouTube user. "This is all happening simultaneously, they're watching our demise, because of this coronavirus lockdown, the world economy will collapse," commented Sound Eagle, another YouTuber.

Ozzy Osbourne's revelation about aliens

A few weeks back, popular English singer Ozzy Osbourne had claimed that humans will be mad if they think that alien life does not exist in the universe. Osbourne assured that alien life forms might be thriving in the deep nooks of the universe.

"Aliens! If we think we're the only living thing in the universe, we're all f***ing mad. There has got to be other life out there, why should we be the only planet with life?" said Osbourne.

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