Nibiru update: Christian conspiracy theorists make shocking revelation about past hit

According to Christian conspiracy theorists, the mysterious Nibiru alias Planet X was responsible for the downfall of the ancient Egyptian kingdom.

World End

News regarding the mysterious Planet X alias Nibiru has been ruling the headlines for the past one year; all credit goes to David Meade, the self-proclaimed Christian numerologist who claimed that the lone planet will hit Earth on September 23, leading to the apocalypse.

Fortunately, the date passed off as any other usual day without any harm. Later, the same David Meade revealed that people have misinterpreted his claims, as the actual apocalypse will begin on October 15, followed by seven years of nuclear war, natural disasters and other devastating events.

Nibiru: The unknown killer

Now, a team of Christian conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Nibiru, lurking planet on the edge of our solar system was responsible for the downfall of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, which helped Moses to lead Israelites away from slavery.

The news of Nibiru attack in the past has been published on the conspiracy website, Enki Speaks. According to the claims, in 1500 BC, Nibiru appeared in the sky, and later it created havoc in the Egyptian kingdom. It was claimed that Nibiru brought about several disasters in the world including volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

"But the shaking earth spared the flexible reed huts of the Israelite slave population of 600,000 descendants of Jacob – whose ancestors had come to Egypt when Jacob's son, Joseph was Egypt's Overseer. The Egyptian Prince Moses led the Israelites and terrified Egyptians who joined them, through the swamps of the Red Sea, as the waters receded in the series of Earthquakes," claims Enki Speaks, Express reports.

NASA reacts

In the midst of the claims, NASA continues rejecting the theory saying that Nibiru is nothing but an Internet hoax. However, the American space agency has admitted that there is a ninth planet in our solar system which is still unknown to scientists, but added that it will not pose any threat to Earth.

NASA has made the prediction of the ninth planet based on irregularities in orbiting of planets in our solar system.

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