Former US national security chief says he saw 40-foot-long UFO off San Diego coast

According to the former US national security chief, the bizarre UFO broke all laws of physics as it outmanoeuvred several F-18 pilots on its course.


Chris Mellon, a former senior US national security chief who has worked with Bush and Bill Clinton administration has made a shocking revelation on extra-terrestrial life and UFOs. As per Mellon, the US Navy has encountered a bizarre UFO which broke all the laws of physics and outmanoeuvre several F-18 pilots on its course. The claims made by Mellon is considered very authentic by alien buffs, as he has worked on many classified projects in Area 51, Nevada.

Shocking claims on extra-terrestrial life

Chris Mellon was once one of the top-rated government officers in the United States, and he has worked more than a decade in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Mellon is now a part of the truth-seeking organization 'To The Stars Academy', launched by Tom DeLonge, former Blink 182 frontman.

The ex-national security chief revealed that the shocking UFO encounter happened in broad daylight off the coast of San Diego. According to Mellon, a five-billion-dollar warship named Mimitz, boarded by thousands of soldiers, was operating there, along with the USS Princeton, a cruiser.

When these ships were performing routine training exercise, an unidentified flying object headed directly towards the battlegroup. The white alien spacecraft was 40 feet long, and it had a thickness of nearly 12 feet. Although an aloft F-18 intercepted the UFO, it showed a series of discreet tumbling manoeuvres which defied all the existing laws of physics. As per Mellon, the pilots were really astonished to see their technology being outmatched by the possible alien spacecraft.

Soon, the pilots returned to Nimitz, but the unidentified flying object (UFO) remained in the area for several more hours. "At one point the object soars to 80,000 feet, hovers, then drops at supersonic speed coming to a full stop a mere 50 feet above the ocean where it resumes hovering," said Mellon, reported Express UK.

Chris Mellon has asked the US Congress to investigate the events, as this UFO is undoubtedly not a US experimental aircraft. As per Mellon, there are several such incidents which happened across the country, and it should be investigated in-depth to reveal the truth. He suggested that the Congress should review the incident and request briefings from military personnel present at the spot.

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