Naked Teacher Masturbates in Class During Lunchtime; Students Record Sexual Act Through a Window

A video showing a naked teacher masturbating in his class during lunch break has gone viral on social media. The teacher was filmed by the students standing near the window, as he engaged in the sexual class in an empty classroom.

Jonesboro High School,

Parents Notified the Authorities

The video of the incident which took place at Jonesboro High School, Clayton County, in Georgia, was shared by the students on their social media pages. The video shows the teacher pleasuring himself during lunchtime. Speaking to Fox 5, Latisha Boggs, who found the disturbing video on her daughter's Instagram page, said that she was appalled. "I was just appalled, like this can't be real. I swear I looked at this one hundred times asking like 'could this be real?'

The mother of three revealed that her daughter told that the video was recorded during lunch hour through a classroom door window. It was also found that the act was seen by a lot of students.

"To hear not only that, my girls were actually there at the time it happened.So they were actually witnessing it as it happened," she added.

"Videos don't lie. You see him on the camera. You know it's this teacher. There's no way a child can go back to school and see this same person," Renee Robinson, told the outlet.

Social Media Reacts

Daily Star reported that the teacher had returned to the campus. In a statement, Charles White, Clayton County Public Schools, said: "Clayton County Public Schools is aware of an alleged incident involving inappropriate behavior by an educator. District leaders are investigating this matter and will determine appropriate actions as all details are learned."

The incident drew widespread reactions on the social media. "Girl them parents' are mad baby! Apart of me is like it could have been worse you know but the other part is like niggaaaaaaa you know that school remodeled so its windows everywhere, how did you not think you were gonna get caught," tweeted a user.

"Not one of Jonesboro high teachers' was jacking off in the classroom during lunch hour nigga if you horny I know damn well yall have private bathrooms that yall can go in especially in that big ass school," wrote another user.

"Y'all saw the teacher at a Jonesboro high school caught masturbating in a class during lunch on Friday and students saw and recorded it through the door window? Mom saw it on her daughter who recorded it IG page," read a tweet.

This article was first published on February 8, 2023