Naked Putin Sitting on Golden Toilet: Bizzare Statue Of Kremlin Boss Up For Auction Just Outside Russian Embassy

A bizarre statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin is placed outside the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic, according to a UK media outlet. The statue shows naked Putin sitting on a golden toilet. The weird statue is up for auction at the time of Putin's war in Ukraine.

"In the Czech Republic, an auction of a statue of Putin sitting on a golden toilet is currently taking place," said Reddit user u/extrawakame adding a picture of the statue in the post.

Vladimir Putin's statue
Vladimir Putin's statue Reddit

Statue of Putin Sitting On A Golden Toilet

The user also pointed out that the proceeds will be used to buy a drone, which will be delivered to Ukraine. The statue shows a naked idol of Putin with red trousers around his ankles.

Like a crown and sceptre, he holds a gold toilet roll in his left hand and a gold toilet brush in his right. The gold toilet he sites on is on the top of a fake, gaudy plinth on which a wonky sign reads 'naked killer', according to Daily Star.

Proceeds Will Be Used To Buy A Drone

Users on Reddit have reacted to the statue with some saying, "They made his penis too big in the statue." "They seem to have gotten the balls part correct though, I don't see them," said a user named hugthispanda, according to the report.

Statue Shows Giant Penis

While No_Access_9306 commented that "Very unrealistic. His penis is waaay too big. Besides, he probably has no penis because you know, he's a f**king monster demon from hell."

It came as Putin last week ordered a partial mobilization, under which 3,00,000 fighters will be mobilized.

Accusing the West of nuclear blackmail, he threatened a nuclear response if Ukraine continues to try to reclaim territories that are set to hold "referenda" and which he considers historically part of Russia.

"I'm not bluffing. That's why I asked the ministry of defense to agree to partial mobilization," he said in his recent TV address to the nation that was delayed for hours.

Under the partial mobilization, Russia's reservists would be conscripted, according to Putin, who also stated that he has signed a decree and conscription began last Wednesday.

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