Putin Takes Unplanned Holiday; Scuttles Off To A Secret Palace in Northern Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken an unplanned holiday as he scuttled off to a secret palace in the country's northern part, according to a report.

He vanished almost suddenly soon after announcing the mobilization of the conscripts.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Reuters

Putin is also facing unprecedented protests at home after announcing the mobilization of 100 thousand reservists. More than a thousand protesters were arrested in Russia this week for their antiwar protests.

Putin Went To His Palace At Valdai

Putin is rumoured to have disappeared to a palace in the forest at Valdai in the face of such widespread anger over his recent announcements on calling up reserve soldiers. Journalist Farida Rustamova has claimed that Putin is releasing pre-recorded footage of him working and hosting meetings with officials, according to Daily Star.

Putin Resting His Body In Novgorod Region

A trusted source told Rustamova that following the evening of September 21 Putin has been resting body and soul in his residence in Valdai in the Novgorod region.

Residence Has Fully Equipped Cosmetologist's Office

There are also two floors underground with a large cryo chamber for cold training therapy, and a 7,000 square meter relaxation facility. "There is a fully equipped cosmetologist's office, next to a dentist's surgery," said Jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny's team, according to Star.

The estate pictured through drones show a stable, golf course, mini-golf course, VIP restaurant with a cinema, bowling, a billiard room and even a mini-casino.

It came as Putin threatened a nuclear response if Ukraine continues to try to reclaim territories that are set to hold "referenda" and which he considers historically Russia.

Putin during his recent TV address stated that he's not bluffing on nuclear weapons, Russia has disastrous nukes and it can use them whenever needed.

"I'm not bluffing. That's why I asked the ministry of defense to agree to partial mobilization," he said this week.

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This article was first published on September 25, 2022