What's Flying Chernobyl? Putin Testing UNLIMITED RANGE Nuclear Missile BUREVESTNIK, Hypersonic Weapon Spotted At Novaya Zemlya Has Built-In NUCLEAR REACTOR

Russian President Vladimir Putin is testing a secret missile that poses threat to humans. The mysterious nuclear missile is being tested at an isolated site in northern Russia. The missile named Burevestnik was spotted earlier this month at Novaya Zemlya.

The disastrous weapon is also dubbed as flying Chernobyl by experts as it's powered by a small nuclear reactor that poses a real threat to humans and the environment.

Nuclear powered Burevestnik missile
Nuclear powered Burevestnik missile Twitter

Missile Has Built-In Nuclear Reactor That Powers Weapon With Unlimited Km of Range

The pictures of the new missile, which can carry nuclear warheads, were obtained by Tony Roper, a military analyst. The images show the Burevestnik being prepared for launch at the Pankovo base.

It's not the first time that Russia is testing this weapon as it was tested a year before from sight near the Arctic Circle.

Burevestnik Was Pictured Last Year By A Satellite Imaging Company

Last year, a commercial satellite imaging company, Capella Space obtained some images of the site that show the dangerous weapon. At that time, experts had pointed out that there was a clear indication that Russian could test the weapon anytime soon.

Military experts had also underlined that the missile could fly for unlimited range by using its built-in nuclear reactor. But testing this weapon could be risky for humans and the environment.

Five Scientists Were Killed While Recovering Burevestnik

Due to these risks involved, the experts have referred to this weapon as a "flying Chernobyl" and an incident in August 2019 when an effort to recover a missile, which had crashed in the White Sea, resulted in an explosion killing five Russian scientists, according to Eurasian Times.

It came as Putin recently said that he's not bluffing with the nukes, Russia could actually use them whenever it finds these weapons are important to use.

However, one expert said the autocrat is indeed bluffing. Mikhail Kasyanov, Russia's former Prime Minister, says he "very much doubts" Vladimir Putin's warning of the usage of weapons of mass destruction will come to fruition, according to Daily Star.

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