Mystery Female Assistant Received Thousands of Dollars From Hunter Biden For Virtual Sexual Sessions, Shower Nudes and Self-Pleasuring Videos

A new leak from Hunter Biden's laptop has revealed that he withheld his then assistant's salary in lieu of sexual encounters. The US President's son also paid the assistant hundreds of dollars over and above her salary.

Hunter Forced Assistant to Share Nudes, Have Sex

Radar Online reported that Hunter not only threatened to withhold the assistant's pay until she FaceTimed him videos of herself naked in the shower but also engaged in video sex sessions with him. The name of the assistant was not revealed by the outlet. Screen shots of the chat between Hunter and then then 29-year-old female staffer revealed that he paid her thousands of dollars though Apple Pay.

In one of the messages, the assistant, in response to $1000 received from Hunter, says that she appreciates the gesture. "Appreciate it, anything helps. I've have been really scrapping by the last month or so. I haven't even paid my rent yet," the chat read.

"I will [m]ake up for back pay," Hunter messaged her on May 9, 2019. "You have to make up for back work. By FTiming me and/or going to our next-club party," the president's disgraced son wrote.

"When can you face time?" Hunter wrote further. "If we FT the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason."

Hunter Biden

"Set phone up [so] I can spy on you showering," Hunter wrote in another message, followed by: "Show me how you play with yourself."

Assistant Worked For Hunter's Law Firm

Hunter paid a total of $3,905 via Apple Pay to the assistant who started with his law firm, Owasco in 2018. The outlet further reported that in one of the photos found on Hunter's laptop show the assistant holding his genitals while lying down naked on the bed.

Another message showed the staffer sharing her nude with the President's son to which he responded, "Well you've now proven to everyone that you have the greatest a-- in the whole world ever. I'm hiding in the cabana."

The New York Post reported according to a report by right-wing nonprofit research group Marco Polo the assistant received regular biweekly payments between mid-June and early October of 2018. During the same duration, the assistant also received wires from the firm totalling almost $45,000 with descriptions "new hire," "8k wage," "10k golf member," and "Pay."