Nikki Secondino: Trans Instagram Model Kills Father with Hammer, Knife Following Dispute Over Laptop; Sister Escapes With Injuries

Transgender Instagram model Nikki Secondino killed her dad and brutally injured her sister following a dispute over laptop, authorities have revealed. The 22-year-old has been lodged in Rikers Island without bail since December 29 attack.

Nikki Secondino
Nikki Secondino with her father Carlo Secondino and sister Liana Secondino Twitter

Killer Used German Steel Knife to Kill Father

In the incident which took at the family's Bensonhurst home, Secondino killed her 61-year-old father Carlo using a hammer and a knife. She also stabbed 9-year-old sister, Liana, leaving her badly wounded following the attack.

According to a New York Post report, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said that outburst happened following an argument over a laptop. "This defendant is charged with brutally killing her own father and then stabbing her younger sister, allegedly following an argument over a laptop. My office will vigorously prosecutor this horrific case and seek justice for the victims," the statement read.

Nikki Secondino
Nikki Secondino Twitter

The outlet reported that during the investigation, Secondino gave a chilling account of the incident. "I came out of the bedroom, and I saw my father sitting on [the] couch sleeping, and I bashed [his] head in with [a] hammer," she allegedly said in the criminal complaint previously filed in the case.

"I grabbed my favorite German steel knife and stabbed the s–t out of him. My sister came out of her bedroom and tried to stop me, and then I stabbed her in the back, head and stomach. I wanted them dead," she went on to add.

Secondino Had Claimed Burglars Killed Father

Secondino, who was born Nicholas Secondino, transitioned to being a woman during her late teens. Initially the accused had claimed that a pair of burglars broke into their home and attacked the family members.

As reported previously, a neighbor of the Secondinos also claimed to have overheard Nikki talking on the phone shortly after the stabbing, in which she made the accusation that the family had been robbed by intruders who also stabbed them.

Police sources told NY Post that things were not smooth in the family and the Instagram model had sought a temporary order of protection against her dad and sister in July. She had claimed that her father was in the mob and her sister threatened to kill her. Secondino has been charged with assault and weapons possession in the six-count indictment unsealed in court.