Mystery emerges as day turned to night over several areas in Central Russia

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Residents all around Central Russia were terrified as the day inexplicably turned into night for more than three hours time on last Friday and many people started to believe that aliens are going to invade the planet. In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists argued that the Kremlin has tested a secret military weapon which caused the eerie phenomenon.

It should be noted that an area bigger than the British Isles was plunged into darkness as a gigantic black cloud appeared in the sky. Until now, Moscow's defence and meteorological officials have failed to give a convincing explanation behind this phenomenon which mainly affected Arctic districts in the Yakutia region. Interestingly, all Arctic districts faced a sudden temperature fall

Many experts believe that the strange incident could be the result of the dust from a meteorite strike, or a secret nuclear weapon test carried out by the Russian government. However, there are no reports of meteorites, eclipses or weapons tests recorded in the affected area.

"Messages are going around about a light flash registered by the US satellites, followed by an increase of radioactive level and unusual activity of the military. We are never going to be told is this was true or false," said a local resident from Eveno-Bytantaisky, The Sun reports.

"I couldn't see a thing without switching lights on. We took torches to walk outside. But actually no-one wanted to be on the street because the feeling was as if something heavy in the air was pressing on your chest," said another resident.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started connecting this bizarre sky event to the arrival of rogue planet Nibiru, which is supposed to be lurking on the edge of our solar system. As per these theorists, Nibiru alias Planet X is in its collision course towards earth, and once it hits planet earth, it will cause massive devastation all across the globe.

Earlier, David Meade, a strong proponent of the Nibiru apocalypse theory claimed that Planet X will appear on the skies between June and December 2018. As per Meade, the arrival of Nibiru will trigger a seven-year tribulation period on the planet characterized by the increase in the number of natural disasters. After the seven-year tribulation period, the planet will witness thousand years of peace, and then the world will end forever.

This article was first published on July 25, 2018
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