Mysterious UFO spotted on Westfield Indiana, triggers another alien invasion debate

YouTube Screenshot: mavi777

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video recently which shows a humanoid UFO hovering across the skies of Westfield Indiana. The incident was apparently shot on July 23, 2018, and the creepy sighting made many people think that an alien invasion is imminent.

In the video, a huge object seemingly in the shape of an 'Annabelle' doll was seen hovering in the skies, and the strange clip was shot by a car driver who passed by. The conspiracy theory channel reveals that the video was captured by a local resident named Alan Blake.

"Driving home. Something weird in the sky," said the witness after seeing the eerie sky phenomenon.

Interestingly, the object spotted in the video is very similar to that of the UFO which appeared in Las Vegas recently. In the Las Vegas incident, a police helicopter was seen circling the UFO which appeared in broad daylight.

As the video of the Indiana UFO sighting went viral, viewers started putting forward various theories explaining the eerie sky sighting.

Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that the object spotted in the sky might be an alien vessel from deep space. As per these viewers, aliens used to sent scout ships to the earth to analyze the conditions here before they start an invasion.

However, skeptics dismissed the alien connection and claimed that the weird object in the sky is actually a balloon.

"Is that a promo balloon, it looks like it's got a rope coming down tying it in place," commented Arch Angel, a YouTube user.

"Don't u guys see a tether at the bottom? It's a balloon. Besides everyone would be pulled over if there was an alien craft hovering over their town," commented John Mercer, another YouTuber.

The new sighting in Indiana happened just a few days after three UFOs appeared in the skies of China. The clip released from China seem too authentic in nature, as spectators were seen pointing their fingers at the UFO when the incident took place.

This article was first published on July 25, 2018
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