Mysterious Ethereum Whale Buys 58.9 Billion Shiba Inu Tokens Worth Close to $2 Million

A mysterious Shiba Inu whale has bought over 58 billion meme tokens by paying a whopping $1.8 million in the latest development of whales purchasing cryptos in large quantities. Reportedly, the mysterious whale goes by the name 'Light' and is one of the most active buyers of the meme currency. According to WhaleStats, this 'Light whale' is ranked at number 3 and is well known in the SHIB community. While his/her real identity remains unknown, this SHIB whale is one of the richest 1000 ETH Whales in terms of ERC-20 tokens.

This is not the first time the Light Wallet whale adding up SHIB to his/her portfolio. The whale had been steadily collecting the meme coin since August 2021 and now owns $1.2 billion SHIB tokens making it the top crypto in his/her portfolio with 34.18% dominance.

Shiba Inu coin, also known as the Dogecoin killer, has become one of the most popular meme coins/ virtual currency in a short span of time unlike many other digital currencies in the crypto market lately. The meme currency has even surpassed Bitcoin in terms of popularity as it became the most popular crypto in 2021.

Shiba Inu Whale
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Whale Activities Increased From June 2021

"ETH whale 'Light' just bought 58,900,000,000 $shib ($1,906,592 USD)," WhaleStats tweeted after dishing out the huge transaction and shared the link to the details of the transaction. Other than Shiba Inu, the 'Light' whale has Matic, MANA, CRO, ENJ and Ethereum tokens in his wallet.

Not just SHIB, this spouting ETH whale today (January 13) purchased 3,260,000 $gala worth $1,137,691 USD. In December 2021, this unidentified Ethereum whale had purchased 125 billion Shiba Inu tokens worth a staggering $4.2 million. Whale activity increased from June 2021 as the top 1000 ETH whales went on a buying spree.

SHIB Is Back As Top 10 Purchased Tokens by 1000 Biggest ETH Whales

Moreover, the WhaleStats report suggests that $SHIB is back on the top 10 purchased tokens by 1000 biggest ETH wallets. After the recent market crash, Shiba Inu price is up by +11.71% in a days trade with a current price of $0.00003202 as of January 13, 2022.

According to CoinMarketCap, Shiba Inu is the 13th largest cryptocurrency in the market with a market cap of $17,580,788,126.

International Business Times advices new crypto investors to be well aware of the latest trends in the crypto market and not fall for any trading rumors.

This article was first published on January 13, 2022