Mysterious Crop Circle Appears in France, Ignites Alien Debate [VIDEO]

Several people believe that these crop circles were created by advanced aliens from deep space, and they might be conveying a message using these geometrical designs

A mysterious crop circle appeared in a field in Northern France on July 5. Even after a week, the strange anomaly continues to attract people. Despite the ongoing, coronavirus pandemic, people are flocking in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the peculiar formation.

Visitors Flooding to See Crop Circle

The crop circle was created in a paddy field and the 'entities' responsible for its appearance are still unknown. A retired technology teacher who visited the site to inspect the crop circle, revealed that the structure actually conveys some meaning.

crop circle
Crop circle in France YouTube:

According to the teacher, the cross in the crop circle might actually be referring to the Knights Templar and to the area's turbulent past. Amid all the enthusiasm, the farmer who owns this paddy field, is visibly shaken after the incident. A report published in WPTV revealed that the mysterious 'artwork' has cost him 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of wheat which were due to be harvested next week.

Aliens Behind Crop Circles?

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has begun making outlandish claims that aliens from deep space may have created the crop circle. According to these conspiracy theorists, aliens are proclaiming their presence using these circles, and the appearance of this formation is apparently indicating an imminent disclosure. The conspiracy theorists also believe that humans could not create such a giant crop circle overnight with such geometric precision.

However, others believe that the crop circle could be an indication of paranormal activities in the area. They claim that heavenly entities are warning humans about their activities on earth using these crop circles.

But experts stress that these crop circles have no connection with aliens or paranormal beings. They assure that these geometrical artworks are being fashioned by a group of human beings who might be choosing to remain anonymous.

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