Mysterious burning crater in Mexico triggers speculation of a UFO crash

UFOs near a thunder cloud
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A mysterious footage has emerged on the Internet featuring a large burning pit in Torreón to Saltillo highway, North East Mexico. According to reports, the burning pit is more than 26 feet wide, and as of now, no one knows what caused it. As the mystery regarding the formation of the pit continues, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that a UFO might have crashed causing this massive crater.

The video has already gone viral on YouTube and has garnered more than 42,000 views.

A crater created by a fallen UFO?

The theorists believe that the crater has been created by a UFO which lost its control and hit the Earth's surface. They also claim that after crash landing the UFO quietly took off again before anyone could see it.

After analyzing the video, few believe that the impact was not caused by a UFO but a meteor. However, experts claim that the pit is manmade, and if it was a UFO which crash landed in the area, then there are possibilities of finding debris.

"If there are still flames in the bottom, and the crater is alongside a highway a gas or oil duct is the likely cause. Note the amount of carbon on its walls and the carbon-blackened metal post," posted a YouTube user named Brooks Anderson.

Mafia Presence?

This is not the first time that such craters are getting discovered in Mexico. Previously, it has been found that criminal gangs and mafia syndicate were using burning holes to torch weapons, drugs and even dead bodies. It should also be noted that the area in which the pit has been discovered is not populated, and the closest community, San Rafael is at a distance of 1.3 kilometers. Further investigation will unravel the mystery surrounding the burning hole.