Former US Navy Pilot who witnessed UFO issues strong warning to humanity

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It was in November 2004 that the world witnessed one of the most authentic UFO sightings where US Navy pilots tracked mysterious flying objects in the skies. The advanced way in which the UFO flipped across the skies caught the attention of Pentagon, and the US Government initiated a $22 million secret project to unravel the mysteries surrounding these unknown saucers. Now, David Fravor, one of the US Navy pilots who witnessed the bizarre sighting has issued a strong warning to humanity.

A global program which should be addressed

According to David Fravor, UFO sighting is a global problem, and it should be investigated very seriously.

"This is not a US problem. This is a global issue. Why aren't we investigating these things? If it's like ET, then it's all good. If it's like 'War of the Worlds' or 'Independence Day,' then not so much," said David Fravor, reports Express UK.

Fravor made it clear that the UFO he witnessed was made with much superior technology, and we are nowhere near it.

Recollecting the bizarre incident, Fravor said that the UFO was initially spotted 50 feet above the ocean, and at that time, water below it appeared as if it was boiling.

"The craft was jumping around erratically, staying over the wave disturbance but not moving in any specific direction," revealed Fravor.

According to him, the unknown flying object accelerated unlike anything he has ever seen. Fravor recollects the moment in which he launched a circular descent to monitor the object closely, it started to fly up to meet the US Navy pilots.

After serving the US Navy for many years, Fravor is now working with 'To The Stars Academy', a UFO researching group headed by former Blink 182 singer Tom De Longe. Chris Mellon, a former Pentagon employee who has worked in National Security positions with George Bush and Bill Clinton is also a part of this team. Recently, Mellon said that the technology used in the UFO witnessed by Fravor outmatches all modern advanced flying techniques used in the Earth.

This article was first published on January 20, 2018