Police officers spot mysterious spherical UFO in Arizona [VIDEO]


A new video released by conspiracy theory channel 'Section 51 2.0' is now going viral on social media platforms. The three-minute video features a mysterious spherical UFO in the skies and the YouTube channel claims that it was shot by police officers in Arizona.

The video is reportedly shot in an Arizona desert in broad daylight. The spherical UFO literally looks like an alien ball came from outer space. A mysterious hum is also coming from the spacecraft, and it even emits light from one end.

As per reports, the video has been sent to MUFON and experts there are checking the authenticity of the clip.

In the meantime, some conspiracy theorists believe that this is not a UFO, but Nibiru, the lone rogue planet lurking in the outer edge of the solar system. However, the Nibiru theory does not seem convincing as the monster planet was expected to hit earth long time before.

A month back, it has been revealed that the Pentagon has investigated an alleged UFO sighting, which happened in 2004. The video featured a flipping object trailed by US Navy, and interestingly, the unidentified flying object flipped in the air in the most mysterious manner. Several aviation experts claimed that the object is using some brilliant technology, which is still unknown to humankind. Conspiracy theorists believe that this new sighting of the spherical UFO will be also investigated by the Government so that more light will be shed on this issue.

SECTION 51 2.0/ YouTube