My Lovely Liar Episode 7 Recap, Review: An Untold Story

My Lovely Liar episode 7 aired on tvN Monday (August 21) at 8:50 pm KST. The chapter followed Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee as they dealt with some uneasy situations. People in Korea watched the mini-series on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the latest episode of this fantasy romance drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Viki.

Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee took the viewers through a rollercoaster of events in the seventh episode. After hearing about the ability of his neighbor to detect lies, the musician took some time to gather his thoughts. He did not stop her from walking away on that rainy night. But he kept worrying about her and felt relieved after knowing about her safe return.

Meantime, Mok Sol Hee regretted telling her neighbor the truth about her ability to detect lies. She could not sleep thinking about the pain of losing a good friend. The lie detector remembered the words of her mother, who asked her to keep her blessing a secret from everyone to lead a comfortable life.

Mok Sol Hee remembered the first time she told her friends about her ability. When her classmates found out about it, she lost all her friends. The child felt sad. When she told her mother about it, she suggested she keep it a secret to make new friends and live happily.

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A New Beginning

However, Mok Sol Hee could not lie to Kim Do Ha. She expected the worst after telling him the truth. But, to her surprise, the musician did not cut ties with her or ignore her. He came to the shop and started talking to her casually. She was confused at first. Eventually, she realized that her neighbor was different from the people she met until then. The lie detector felt happy and comfortable with the musician.

The couple went for a meal when they unexpectedly met Detective Lee Gang Min at the restaurant. The detective and the musician treated each other as rivals while the lie detector tried to cover up for her neighbor. Although Mok Sol Hee tried hard to feel comfortable with the musician, the detective realized they were not dating each other. Lee Gang Min was happy to know he had a chance to win back his former lover.

A Secret Investigation

The onscreen couple were enjoying their time together when a series of unexpected events took place in the neighborhood. A Famous bakery in the locality went out of business after a consumer accused the owner of being unhygienic. During rush hour, a customer came into the shop asking for a refund. The person said she saw a cockroach inside the bread she bought from the bakery yesterday.

Soon, a picture of the bread with a cockroach inside it started circulating online. The incident took a toll on the bakery business as the shop owner lost his customers. Mok Sol Hee felt suspicious about the event. She discussed the matter with the musician. Together they went on a secret investigation and found out the truth. They helped the Baker get back into the business again.

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An Untold Story

After revealing the truth to Kim Do Ha, Mok Sol Hee never expected her neighbor to react so calmly. Every time the lie detector met the musician, she became curious to know how he felt about her ability. The lie detector got a chance to clear her doubts when they were walking home together. She asked him why he did not lie to her. Mok Sol Hee then told him about the only lie she heard from him.

When the musician heard the only lie his neighbor heard from him was about the murder of his former lover, he felt uneasy. It took some time for him to decide between revealing the truth to her. But before he could talk to her about it, she heard about the murder from Syaon. When the lie detector told the musician what she heard about his past, he calmly told her he never committed the crime, which was a lie.