My Lovely Liar Episode 7 Preview, Spoilers: Will Kim Do Ha Reveal His Secret?

My Lovely Liar episode 7 will air on tvN Monday (August 21) at 8:50 pm KST. The chapter will continue to follow Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee as they get closer to each other. According to the preview for this week, Kim Do Ha might reveal his secret after hearing the truth from his neighbor.

After watching the heartbreaking cliffhanger of My Lovely Liar episode 6, the viewers are curious to know what lies ahead for Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee. The lie detector shared her big secret with the musician last week. She never wanted him to know about it. But the woman could not hide her secret after he overheard everything.

Although Mok Sol Hee confesses her ability to hear lies to Kim Do Ha, she regrets it later. She feels uncomfortable after revealing her big secret to him. Her constant worries gradually start affecting her relationship with the musician. Will the onscreen couple call it quits?

The preview for this week hints at some happy moments between the onscreen couple. According to the synopsis, the musician casually reacts to Mok Sol Hee's confession. But she feels worried about what he thinks about her.

My Lovely Liar
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Here is a Short Description of My Lovely Liar Episode 7:

A Love Triangle

Meanwhile, the promo for this week teases a change in the relationship between Mok Sol Hee, Kim Do Ha, and Lee Gang Min. The detective becomes suspicious about his ex-girlfriend's relationship with the musician. He becomes suspicious about their relationship after their brief meeting.

The followers of this romantic comedy-drama are eagerly waiting to watch the love triangle between Kim Do Ha, Mok Sol Hee, and Lee Gang Min. They shared their excitement on various online communities and social media platforms. Here are a few of them:

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Fans' Speculations

"No wonder, Kangmin got suspicious in the preview because Sol Hee doesn't like Eggplant, but before she could tell, Do Ha said he likes it too without letting her finish & Kang Min obviously knows it. Do Ha, don't feel guilty later. It is not your fault," a fan wrote.

"I know not many people like love triangles. But I personally like them when it is executed well & in a way, it can be a blessing by waking up one of the main leads & encouraging them to take action in love before it's too late. The way they all look at each other," another fan stated.

"What's next...after seeing a miserable ending in Ep6. #MyLovelyLiar Ep7-8 will be? I think (I hope)...Doha will accept her special ability, comfort her, and say that line, "I will make you happy in my way." Yup, this is my positive attitude," a K-drama lover speculated.

"Looks like they're in KDH's penthouse? KDH will tell Solhee his secret and ask her to stay the night. Probably wishful thinking, but who knows!" Another viewer shared.