Dare To Love Me Episode 1 (Premiere) Recap, Review, Reactions 

Dare To Love Me is a new KBS romantic comedy-drama starring Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young. It is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. Park Yu Mi wrote the script for this mini-series, and Jang Yang Ho directed it. People in Korea watch the K-dramas on TV or various streaming platforms.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix and Viki.

The new KBS drama Dare To Love Me premiered on Monday (May 13) at 10:10 pm KST and featured Kim Myung Soo as noble scholar Shin Yoon Bok. Lee Yoo Young appeared as a fashion designer trainee named Kim Hong Do. The supporting cast members are Bae Jong Ok, Seonwoo Jae Deok, Park Eun Seok, Lim Young Joo, Han Gi Chan, and Kim Si Hyun.

Dare To Love Me
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Dare To Love Me Episode 1 Recap

The romantic comedy-drama began by featuring the female lead going through a hilarious situation. Hong Do proposed to the male lead several times in five different languages. He politely rejected her in the same manner. According to the male lead, it is inappropriate to fall in love with his teacher. Although the female lead begged him to accept her proposal, he continued rejecting her.

The KBS drama then took the viewers through the romantic journey of Hong Do and Yoon Bok. It introduced the male lead as a scholar from a small traditional village. He came to Seoul in search of a criminal who illegally traded several valuable commodities from the country to foreign citizens. Yoon Bok unexpectedly met his teacher in front of a restaurant and helped her.

The premiere episode of this mini-series featured several hilarious moments between the onscreen couple. It also featured the struggles of a young man who lived in Seoul wearing the traditional attire of a Joseon scholar. Hong Do dealt with a cheating boyfriend in the first episode. She considered the male lead as her savior.

Dare To Love Me

Reviews and Reactions

#DaretoLoveMe is a very refreshing drama. I don't care about the ratings. The fact is this drama is so good. It could make you smile after going home from your busy day. That is all about the drama. Something that could entertain you, refresh your mind, and make you happy.

If you need a good laugh, watch #DareToLoveMe

This drama is hilarious. I enjoyed the first episode. Hong Do is such a mood and Yoon Bok is so cute. I'm rooting for them already.

I liked the first episodes of #DareToLoveMe. #KimMyungSoo and #LeeYooYoung are delivering with chemistry and performances. The story it's fun and interesting, especially thanks to some subplots I'm looking forward to seeing how they will develop it. A good start!

KBS2 drama #DareToLoveMe, Ep 1 earned the lowest rating in that time slot this year. But... I have a feeling this one will be a sleeper hit, as it had me 1 minute and 50 seconds in when the waitress said "Miss, please take the aggressive confession somewhere else".