Music Writer Nicholas Liddle Offered $3,000 to Tweet Badly About BTS's 'Dynamite': Here is the Truth

The U.S. based music writer Nicholas Liddle took to twitter to reveal that he was offered the money to write negatively about BTS' hit single Dynamite

The news that U.S. based music writer Nichlas Liddle was offered $3,000 to write negatively about BTS' hit single Dynamite is making rounds on social media. The journalist revealed the truth about the same in a post on Twitter.

Liddle wrote on Twitter confirming the news and said that he was offered the money to speak badly about Dynamite. But the writer said that he did not take the money or write anything bad about the track because he loved the song Dynamite, reported AllKpop.

BTS Dynamite
BTS Dynamite has become the single with most views during YouTube premier. Instagram

Targeting BTS, Nicki Minaj?

"Dynamite by BTS? Yep, that's another one I got offered $3K to tweet negative about," Liddle said. "Di I do it? No, because I love that track, love those guys and like I said I am not being paid for opinions that aren't reflective of how I truly feel," Liddle tweeted.

Nicholas Liddle

Before tweeting about BTS, Liddle also revealed that he was offered $3,000 to write badly about Nicki Minaj's album Anaconda in 2014. "I could never take money to tweet negative about someone's art. That's disgusting," his tweet read.

Dynamite is BTS' first English track and has broken many records so far. The song was also performed during the MTV Video Music Awards recently. Though Dynamite has been winning praises, it was also criticized by some netizens who had to bear the brunt of the BTS fans, who are called the ARMY.

One of the celebrities who got chewed out by the Army was Malaysian actress Tiz Zaqyah. The actress had posted a comment to a negative message on BTS by a twitter user, Effi Saharudin. Replying to Saharudin's message that criticized the lyrics of Dynamite as childish and said that the lyrics of the song looked like as if it were written by a nine-year-old, Zaqyah had commented, "It's meant for kids isn't it?"

BTS fans jumped in to defend the Dynamite song and said that the netzens who criticized the song really did not understand the lyrics nor understood BTS. Dynamite single proved the critics wrong by amassing massive views for the song online.

BTS Dymanite Crosses 400M Views on YouTube

The song was officially released on YouTube on August 21. It has got 409 million views [at the time of writing]. The song has also been credited as the first YouTube song to cross 100 million mark in a shortest time. Dynamite racked up 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours of its release.

BTS ranked No 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 and with this, it became the first song by an all-South Korean act to top the chart. Dynamite is also BTS's 11th music video to cross the 400 million views mark following their singles DNA, Fire, Dope, Fake Love, MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix), Blood Sweat and Tears, IDOL, Save Me, Boy With Luv, and Not Today.

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