Mummified 3-Year-Old Korean Baby Found, Shocking Birth Secrets Revealed Involving Grandmother

The child was left behind inside the apartment and had starved to death. DNA report revealed that grandmother of the 3-year-old girl was in fact her biological mother.

The Gumi police in Gyeongsang Province of Korea found a three-year-old baby in a mummified state in February. Investigation has now revealed that the baby had breathed last at least six months ago and her biological mother is revealed to be her grandmother.

Police found the baby girl's body inside an apartment on February 10, 2021. The landlord of the apartment had called the girl's grandmother Seok and her husband to inform them that they were not able to reach their daughter Kim who was living in that apartment. The landlord had told them that Kim's lease had expired and asked them to tell her to move out.

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Seok, along with her husband, visited the apartment, only to be shocked to find the body of 3-year-old girl. They immediately informed the police and the cops retrieved the body that was in a mummified state. Tests revealed that the child had died of starvation. Cops said that electricity to the house was cut off, leaving the house dry and cold. That is why the body of the girl had not decomposed.

Cops located Kim who was living with her new husband and arrested her on murder charges. Speaking to MBC her former husband Hong said that Kim was pregnant with another man's child and they had separated in April 2020. He said that he had requested Kim to look after the child till he was in a position to take custody of her.

But Kim had continue to neglect the child and by May 2020, actually, she had failed to pay electricity bill for consecutive five months. Reports claim that she left the child inside the house and moved in with her new husband. The child is said to have starved to death.

DNA Test Results

But both Kim and Hong were in for a shock when DNA tests revealed that the 3-year-old girl was not their daughter. When further tests were made, DNA reports showed that Seok was the child's mother. While Seok continued to refute the claims four-different tests were made to verify the authenticity of DNA reports. But this report also showed that Seok's husband was not the father of the child.

Currently, Seok has been arrested along with Kim. Police are trying to trace the biological father of the child. Cops stated that Seok and Kim became pregnant around the same time. Seok who gave birth to the child before Kim had volunteered to look after her at the care centre. Cops believe that she might have swapped her child with Kim's during this time.

Cops said that Kim is said to have confessed to the crime and told that she did not like the child because it was Hong's. Kim and Hong quarreled frequently as Kim failed to take care of the child even before divorce.

Kim [L] and Seok [R] being arrested by the Gumi cops in connection with the death of 3-year-old child in South Korea. Twitter
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