Mr Queen's Penultimate Episode Garners Fantastic Response from Fans

The curiosity around the ending of Mr Queen has translated into huge viewership on Saturday, 13 February, as the penultimate episode of the TV series got a fantastic response from the fans.

Yoon Sung-sik's Mr Queen, Homemade Story
Yoon Sung-sik's Mr Queen and Homemade Story. Facebook

As per Nielsen Korea, the episode before the finale has got a nationwide rating of 14.2 percent and it touched 15.9 at one point. It took first place across the channels and also retained the numero uno spot among its time slot.

Mr Queen secured an average rating of 8 with a peak of 9 percent among the key demographic viewers of age between 20 to 49. In addition to it, the show occupied the first place among all age groups.

However, it is the highest viewership of the show. The episode aired on 7 February had got an average nationwide rating of 14.8 percent, its best to date. Check out the Average TV Ratings of the Show from the First Episode:

EpisodeBroadcast DateAverage audience share
(AGB Nielsen)[55]
1December 12, 20208.030%
2December 13, 20208.800%
3December 19, 20209.022%
4December 20, 202010.447%
5December 26, 202011.337%
6December 27, 202011.805%
7January 2, 202112.414%
8January 3, 202112.271%
9January 9, 202112.066%
10January 10, 202112.836%
11January 16, 202112.517%
12January 17, 202113.224%
13January 23, 202112.797%
14January 24, 202113.623%
15January 30, 202114.534%
16January 31, 202114.946%
17February 6, 202114.510%
18February 7, 202114.844%
19February 13, 202114.227%

The last episode will be aired on Sunday and it is expected to enjoy great viewership.

The series, which stars Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Bae Jong-ok, Kim Tae Woo, Seol In-ah and Na In-woo, had its premiere on 12 December and garnered an average nationwide rating of 8.03 percent. Thereafter, the viewership had continued to rise although the series had landed in a controversy allegedly for mocking the Korean history.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) and Homemade Love Story
On the other hand, the viewership of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) has remained stable. It has secured an average nationwide rating of 8 percent for the episode aired on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the viewership of Homemade Love Story has continued to draw a lot of audience attention. The average nationwide rating for the two episodes stands at 26.3 percent and 29.7 percent, respectively.