Mr Queen 19 and 20 episodes: Theories on Ending become Hot Topic of Discussion as the Show Gets Ready for Finale

The curtains for Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun's Mr Queen will be dropped this weekend. The TV series, which has attracted more and more viewers week after week, will be airing its last two episodes on Saturday and Sunday – 13 and 14 February.

Mr Queen's Ratings
Mr Queen's viewership increasing with each episode. Twitter

The Viewership
The show was premiered on 12 December. The first episode had garnered an average nationwide rating of 8.03 percent viewership. Despite hitting controversy in the following episodes for allegedly mocking Korean history, it has enjoyed a good increase in its viewership.

The recent episode scored an average nationwide rating of 14.84 percent and has been receiving well by its core demographic fans. Among the viewers' age of 20-49, it scored an average rating of 9.8 percent.

Fans Disappointed
The fans are eagerly looking forward to the last two episodes. Nonetheless, many are disappointed because the TV series is coming to an end. "Mr.Queen is not like any other Kdrama I've seen it's just different and super comedic I'll be sad and depressed since it's going to end on SundaySleepy faceSleepy face #MrQueen. [sic]," a user on Twitter writes.

Another netizen claims, "Only a few days left 'til #MrQueen airs its last eps.& I srsly dnt wnt it to end yet Broken heart Dfntly & irrevocably gonna miss our #NoTouchCouple Loudly crying faceThank you, great King Cheoljong & our one-of-a kind Mr.Queen Kim/Jang So Yong for brightening up our weekends❤Loudly crying face #KimJungHyun #ShinHyeSun. [sic]"

Fans' Theories
There are many theories doing rounds over the show's ending. Here, we are bringing you selected-few fans' theories posted on Twitter:

ct_hawa27: A thread for 'Happy Ending' #MrQueen :

1. In Joeseon Era, Cheoljong and soyong live happily ever after. Cheoljong live a long life and their son will be his successor. Eventually, history will change.

2. Soyong will develop bonghwan character and bonghwan remain in her soul.

3. In the future, bonghwan will wake up from his vegetative state but he won't remember anything. (Something is missing but he dont know what that feeling is)

4. The case with secretary han is solve. Maybe they find the evidence and real culprit behind the corruptionWoman shrugging

5. Bonghwan lives his life to the fullest and one day he see a couples that looks like cheoljong and soyong. Bonghwan thought they seems familiar but he dont know where he met them.

If only i'm the director, this will be the only ending that i'll approvedSmiling face with tear

This article was first published on February 11, 2021