SHINee's Index Rises in Boy Brand Reputation Rankings; BTS, NCT, EXO's Indices Drop

The boy group brand reputation for SM Entertainment's SHINee group has witnessed growth in the month of February. It has occupied the fifth place in the list released by the Korean Business Research Institute on Thursday, 11 February.

SHINee's index increases in Boy Brand Reputation Rankings
SHINee's index increases in Boy Brand Reputation Rankings. Instagram

Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin, and Jonghyun's SHINee have a brand index reputation of 1677521 in February. With a participation index of 167,200, media index of 310,439, communication index of 333,694 and community index of 866,188, the boy band is placed at the fifth position. Compared to the previous month, its overall index is increased by 6.87 percent.

Who is in the Top Position?

For the 33rd month in a row, BTS has occupied the numero uno position. With a brand index reputation of 12,696,615, the boy band remains invincible at the top position. It has the participation index of 1,992,496, media index of 3,323,022, communication index of 3,706,365 and community index of 3,674,731. However, its overall index has dropped by 31.94 percent compared to the previous month (18,656,046).

BTS. Twitter

Not BTS Alone, NCT, SEVENTEEN and EXO's Index Drop

NCT has a brand index of 4,443,291 with 276,320 participation index, 1,465,484 media index, 1,601,613 communication index and 1,099,874 community index. When compared to the previous month's overall index, (5,115,736), its index in February has dropped by 13.14 percent.

With a brand index reputation of 4,183,589, SEVENTEEN is at the third place in the boy group idol ranking. Its reputation index stands at 4,183,589, participation index at 529,320, media index at 943,659, communication index at 1,6031,758 and community index at 1,078,852. Its overall brand index dropped by 9.31 percent, compared to January (4,613,058).

Whereas EXO has earned a brand reputation index of 2,256,513 for the month of February. With participation index of 189,816, media index of 707,745, communication index of 763,703, and community index of 595,250, the boy group has earned the fourth spot in the idol rankings. However, its overall index has dropped by 8.81 percent compared to the previous month (2,474,404).

The Korean Business Research Institute comes up with a comprehensive report on brand reputation based on media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community indexes of the popular Korean stars using big data.

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