Mouse: From Cast, Plot to Premiere, Here is All You Need to Know About Lee Seung Gi Starrer Drama

The tvN drama Mouse is based on the story of Incheon elementary school murder that occurred in 2017. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon will play lead roles.

South Korean drama Mouse starring Lee Seung Gi is all set to premiere on March 3. Lee Seung Gi's previous drama was Vagabond, where he was seen as a stuntman who happens to help the intelligence department officer Bae Suzy by putting himself in danger.

Following the success of the drama, fans were waiting to see Lee Seungi in another action-oriented project. Thus, not disappointing his fans, Lee Seung Gi chose Mouse, where he plays a police officer. Here is all about the cast, plot and streaming details of the drama Mouse.

Lee Seung Gi Park Ju Hyun
Lee Seung Gi and Park Ju Hyun in the tvN drama Mouse. Instagram

The Plot

The story of the drama is written by Choi Ran and directed by Choi Joon Bae and Kang Cheol Woo. It has elements of action, suspense, thriller, mystery, crime and also Sci-Fi. Screenwriter Choi Ran was inspired by the Incheon elementary school murder case that occurred in 2017.

When the mother of child victim asked about the hardest thing to the defendant at that moment, he had answered: "The weather is nice, but it's the hardest for me not to see cherry blossoms. "He had no remorse or guilt for killing a child. Based on this incident, screenwriter developed a story about identifying psychopaths in advance. The story revolves around the life of Jung Ba Reun, a justice-seeking rookie police officer [played by Lee Seung Gi].

The Cast

Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin play major roles in the drama. Lee Seung Gi plays the role of rookie police officer Jeong Ba Reum whose life changes completely after the an encounter with a psychopath. Lee Hee Joon plays the role of Go Moo Chi, a detective who is ready use any method to catch criminals.

Park Ju Hyun is seen as Oh Bong Yi, a high school senior and an expert in martial arts who lives with her grandmother and is having a lot of trouble in her life. Kyung Soo Jin plays Choi Hong Joo, a production director in the Current Affairs and Culture Department of OBN broadcasting station. Her nickname is Sherlock Hongju.

Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jung Nan, Pyo Ji Hoon, Woo Ji Hyun, Kim Young Ok, Jo Jae Yoon, Kim Young Jae, Lee Seo Joon, Jung Ae Ri and Ahn Nae Sang will also be seen playing vital roles in Mouse. Kim Kang Hoon will be seen as young Jung Ba Reum and So Dong Hyun will play the younger version of Ko Moo Chi.


The drama will air from March 3 to May 6, 2021. It will have a total of 20 episodes and will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays on tvN at 10.30 p.m. KST. Each episode will be of one hour duration. It will also be streamed in IQiyi in countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.