Lee Min Ho Joins Lee Seung Gi in a Surprise Collaboration; Bumper Release on January 6 [Video]

Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi are all set to give a surprise to their fans on January 6. Watch their video call here to know more details.

Successful SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho and The Vagabond star Lee Seung Gi shared their video call on Instagram. The Face Time call revealed that both the stars are set to surprise their fans on January 6 with a new collaboration.

However, so far details of their collaboration have not been revealed. But the videos have garnered massive views and more than 10,000 people have commented on both the videos. The video call was made at 6 PM KST on January 5.

Lee Min Ho Lee Seung Gi
South Korean actors Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi hint at a YouTube collaboration. Instagram

YouTube Collaboration?

Lee Min Ho, wearing a red hoodie, calls up Seung Gi. A surprised Seung Gi looks thrilled and says that he has watched all the videos shared on Lee Min Ho's YouTube channel. Seung Gi suggests that both should work together to which Lee Min Ho agrees. Min Ho also promises to listen to all the songs of Seung Gi's recently released album, before they meet up for a 'work chat'.

Both Lee Min ho and Lee Seung Gi shared the same caption for their Instagram posts. "Leeminhofilm X Leeseunggi 2021.01.06 open," read the caption. It is speculated that the Kdrama stars will be collaborating on a YouTube project. But the surprise will be revealed on January 6.

But during the call, interestingly, a female voice is heard interrupting Lee Min Ho when he is talking to Seung Gi. Curious Seung Gi asks Min Ho who was that. Lee Min Ho smiles and says, "Mom!" Seung Gi claps and bursts out in laughter.

Seung Gi – Min Ho to Work Together?

Seung Gi continues where he had left and says that they should work together. Min Ho readily agrees to him and says that he will listen to Seung Gi's album before they meet up. Seung Gi released his album The Project on Dec. 10, 2020. This album features collaborations with the likes of Yoon Jong Shin, Brave Brothers, Nell, and Epitone Project. It is a nine-track record that also includes a rework of The Song That Will Make You Smile, a song from his 2011 album, Tonight. This single has RM and J-Hope singing the rap versions. The Song That Will Make You Smile was shot before RM and J-Hope debuted as BTS members.

Lee Min Ho is currently working on his drama Pachinko. He had launched his YouTube channel Lee Min Ho Films in November 2020. Min Ho, the No 1 Korean star to have most followers on Instagram and Facebook, also has got 374,000 subscribers in just two months.