Motorola plans for a comeback, decides to form dual platform with Lenovo

We are going to have the famous "M" logo back once again both on the front and in the centre of a phone


The famous name, Motorola may be old but in the world of tech, its worth is equivalent to gold. Lenovo might just have taken a cue from HMD Global's resounding success with the Nokia brand and how they manage to garner so much hype based on just the brand name, Lenovo has finally decided to scrap "Moto by Lenovo" branding and has decided to form a dual platform, where the two brands i.e., Lenovo and Motorola could share space and not overlap on each other's shoulders.The firm has given everything a fresh start with a brand new leadership team and new vision to make things right this time around.

We are going to have the famous "M" logo back once again both on the front and in the centre. This smart move should have been executed very long ago considering that the brand value of Motorola is immense as the company that invented the first handheld mobile phone. This entire multimillion tech industry of smartphones owe a debt to this historical brand that started it all.

Recently, in an interview with CNET the Vice President of the company, Aymar de Lencquesaing, said that they have transformed themselves as a company in 2016 and now, "We have clarity on how we present ourselves."

Currently, Lenovo is going through a rough time. They are desperately looking for a miracle after getting knocked from the top five spot in the rankings. Moreover, competitors such as Huawaei and Oppo are constantly breathing on their neck. This might just be the miracle that they need to pull through and emerge looking good at the other end of the tech race.

On the smartwatch front, the company is going to put things on a hold as de Lencquesaing feels that the uses of smartwatches currently are quite limited and "I don't want to be in the business doing a product for the sake of doing a product because we need to do a follow-up."

This article was first published on March 6, 2017