'Mother Teresa Will Go to Hell': Says Terror-Accused Indian Hate Speech Leader Zakir Naik [VIDEO]

He also said that all those who consider Jesus Christ as 'God', Allah shall make paradise 'haram' (prohibited) for Christ.

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Fugitive Islamist and hate speech leader Zakir Naik has claimed that Christian evangelist Mother Teresa will go to hell for not being a Muslim. Naik made the shocking comments when he was asked if 'righteous' and 'good' non-Muslims such as Mother Teresa would still go to hell.

However, he didn't stop there. He also said that all those who consider Jesus Christ as 'God', Allah shall make paradise 'haram' (prohibited) for Christ. The hate speech maker also said that Wishing Merry Christmas is a sin and is unforgivable. Naik made these shocking comments during a seminar where he was one of the speakers. The video of the hate speech has since gone viral.

Shocking Remarks

Zakir Naik
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When asked if even 'righteous' and 'good' people like Mother Teresa would go to the world for being non-Muslims only, Naik replied, "According to Sura al-Assad, there are four ways to go to Jannat (heaven)." By the token of time, those who are righteous, who claim (Dawah), and who inspire people to patience and perseverance. There are at least four criteria necessary for going to heaven."

The now viral video shows Naik making the shocking remarks saying that one has to succeed in all the four paths or else choose hell. He goes on to compare the 'four steps to Paradise' to the subjects that he studied in the 10th grade. He explains that "even if someone scored 99 marks in five subjects and scored 10 marks in only one subject, it would mean that the student has failed."

However, he then takes the example of Mother Teresa and says that she deserves a place in hell with his own set of weird explanation. "Suppose Mother Teresa was righteous. In Islam, the righteous people include a lot of things, which I am sure Mother Teresa did not have. What about Iman (Faith in Islam)? If she performs Shirk (following any religion other than Islam), it is prohibited," he says claiming that shirking is a crime according to Islam and Christianity.

Absurd Logic

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The Islamic preacher then goes on to explain how Mother Teresa shirked. He said that all those who consider Jesus Christ as 'God', Allah shall make paradise 'haram' (prohibited) for him. "Fire (Hell) shall his dwelling place be and he shall have no help hereafter," Zakir Naik cited the Islamic religious text.

In fact, Naik speech sounds provocative from the beginning and says that Mother Teresa's fault was that she put Jesus Christ on par with Allah as she considered him to be God. That said, Naik is known for his hate speech and also directly threatening non-Muslims.

In a video taken in April 2019, which went gone viral only lately, Naik is seen alleging and threatening a Muslim boy named Adel Ahmed for committing 'sin'. Ahmed's fault was that he wished his Christian friends, 'Merry Christmas'. "To reach your goals, you cannot use wrong means brother. What is Haram to them is also Haram to you. When you are wishing Merry Christmas to them, you are agreeing that he is the son of God and that is sin," he is heard saying in the video.

This article was first published on March 9, 2021