Mother receives insulting letter about disabled child and it's sure to make your blood boil


A threatening letter shared by a US mother in Iowa is now one of the most trending topics on social media platforms. Lacey Brandenburg, the mother of a disabled kid received a letter from another parent which threatened her to keep her disabled son away from other kids.

"I know he has a disability, but we feel his disability may hold our son's level of comprehension, life, his communication, socialization, and learning level may be at risk if playing and being around Ashton continues," stated the letter.

Lacey Brandenburg's son, Ashton is autistic, and he also has ADHD, cognitive disorders, and other learning disabilities. The words of the unknown parent in the letter indicate that his son had played with toys and watched television created younger kids, and he believes it has happened due to the influence of Ashton.

"We want our child to play with toys and watch television for his age, not younger or older than him. The hand flapping is a concern. We don't want our son to learn to do that," the letter stated.

Even though the letter says that Ashton is well behaved, the parent who wrote the letter ends it in a very threatening note. "Please keep your son away from ours so ours are not picking up the idea that playing with toys or watching cartoons younger than his is OK," concluded the letter.

After receiving the letter, Lacey Brandenburg shared it on Facebook, and it soon went viral. The post which Lacey Brandenburg has shared is now invisible on Facebook due to privacy settings. In a recent talk with the KCCI-TV, Lacey told that the major intent of sharing the letter was to teach people regarding the problems faced by parents of children with special needs in their life.

As the post went viral, Lacey and Ashton started receiving support from all corners. Lacey added that Ashton has now made new friends, and is leading life happily.