Siberian Husky howls 'I love you' with remarkable eloquence; clip goes viral [VIDEO]

Siberian Husky
Representational image of Siberian Husky Pixabay

A recent video of an adorable Siberian Husky expressing his love for his owner has gone viral on social media. In the heartwarming clip, Kobi the dog was seen lovingly looking up at his owner through his large blue eyes as she tells him 'You have to say 'I love you!''.

Kobi, who lives with his owners in Manchester, was captured at their home on Tuesday evening. The canine was howling out the words quite eloquently for the camera.

Kobi was seen wagging his tail happily in the video while he was performing on camera.

The dog's owner posted the video on social media and wrote: "Our six-year-old Siberian Husky, Kobi, saying "I Love You!" - he likes to talk... a lot!". The owner was also seen enticing the husky with a treat as she persuaded him into uttering his special phrase.

A series of clips of the dog howling out the words have been edited together to form one continuous canine love song.

Here is a video of another dog saying similar words:

This article was first published on January 6, 2018