Mother Drops 6-Month Old Baby from Apartment Balcony in Brooklyn; First Responders Confirm her Rambling About 'Sacrifices'

A Brooklyn mother dropped her six-month-old baby from the family's second-floor apartment balcony on Thursday. The infant was severely injured from the drop, the police officials later questioned the parents, NY post reports.

The troubled mother's husband told the officials that he was asleep when his wife woke him up to tell him that she had dropped their boy from the balcony. The incident happened on 51st St. and 19th Ave. in Mapleton and the NYPD arrived around 4:50 am to be greeted by the baby boy's father.

Brooklyn mother drops baby
The family's apartment in 51st St. and 19th Ave. in Mapleton Twitter

Medical professionals who came with the NYPD explained that the mother is being 'psychologically evaluated' and sometimes it happens that 'people just snap.' The 29-year-old mother was taken to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where the psychiatric evaluation will occur.

ABC7 NY reported that when the first responders talked to the mother she was rambling something about "sacrifices", they notified the police regarding her odd behavior. Their neighbors, however, described the parents as a "nice family." One neighbor told NY daily, "she's a good mother with three kids. Something bad must have happened to her."

Brooklyn mother drops baby
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Investigations are being conducted to determine whether the baby was a victim of child abuse or not. As of Thursday night, none of the parents have been charged with a crime.

The baby sustained multiple injuries like scrapes, abrasions and fractures on the left side of his body and was taken to Maimonides Medical Center by medics, his current condition is described as 'critical but stable' by the medical professionals.