Queens Mom Orsolya Gaal Allowed Killer David Bonola Home After Midnight, Reveal Prosecutors

Prosecutors have made a key revelation about the killing of Queens mom Orsolya Gaal. They have alleged that Gaal had allowed her killer into her home early on Saturday morning. The duo was believed to have a heated dispute and afterward Gaal's ex-handyman lover David Bonola had refused to leave the home despite multiple requests.

It is believed that after the heated dispute, Bonola could have knifed her to death.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

Bonola Slashed Gaal's Throat

The Queens District Attorney in its statement also claimed that Bonola slashed her throat in an unthinkable outburst. Gaal's autopsy report had also revealed that she had nearly 60 stabs near her neck. Bonola could have entered her home between 12 am and 4 am, according to prosecutors.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal's body being stuffed in a bag and dragged by the killer Twitter

Officials have charged the man with second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Bonola had made confessions to killing Gaal, therefore he is being held behind bars on the orders of Judge Anthony Battisiti. Police had found Gaal's remains filled in a bag near her residence last week.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

NYPD officials had seen surveillance footage from around 4:30 am on Saturday of Bonola rolling the bag containing Gaal's body down the sidewalk.

Prosecutors have revealed that the dispute between Bonola and Gaal was about their on and off the relationship, which was becoming contentious.

David Bonola
David Bonola Facebook

Police Had Found Bonola's Blood-Stained Boots

Previously, officials had found Bonola's bloody jacket and blood-stained tissues near a park while they also recovered blood-soaked boots, a T-shirt, and bandages at the murder scene.

Before being killed, Gaal had tipped off the officials as she posted a note on the refrigerator reading "Get a New Handyman".

David Bonola
NYPD shows a photo of David Bonola captured in a surveillance camera after killing Orsolya Gaal Twitter

While murdering his on and off lover, Bonola had received deep cuts on his hands and left his blood-soaked boots at Gaal's home, which helped officials to find him.

After his arrest, the handyman answered every question of the officials and confessed to his crimes. Bonola ate a bagel with cream cheese after the statement, a police source told The New York Post.

This article was first published on April 23, 2022