Legal Trouble for Joy Reid; NFL Star Jack Brewer Threatens Lawsuit Over Child Abuse Charge Against Gov. DeSantis

Television host Joy Reid is likely to face a lawsuit following her accusations of child abuse against the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. Former NFL star Jack Brewer has demanded an apology from Reid stating that her tweet was hurtful and demoralizing for the children of his Foundation's after school club.

Brewer categorically stated that in the absence of an apology from Reid, he would be forced to pursue legal action against her.

DeSantis's team had organized a group of black boys carrying placards as he signed STOP Woke bill into law on Friday. The black boys in question were a part of an after school club run by Jack Brewer's Foundation. Reid accused DeSantis of using the black boys for "propaganda" stating that it is equivalent to child abuse.

A large number of social media followers have agreed with Reid, adding that DeSantis was using black and brown children to portray himself as a detractor of racism and a champion of a good cause. Many followers also said that it was nothing but a race-baiting tactic.

Joy Reid and Jack Brewer

However, a few supporters of DeSantis have criticized Joy Reid for going too far with her accusations. They have termed DeSantis as an ideal leader.

Florida Governor In the Midst of Controversies

According to a report published by Newsweek Reid, in one of her tweets, had referred to the image of children holding placards demonstrating against CRT claiming that this was the "mis-use" of black boys.

This is not the first time that DeSantis has become the centre of a controversy. Recently, owing to his conflict with the Walt Disney World authorities over the House Bill 1557, Florida Senate has passed a bill to repeal the law that allowed Disney World to function as its own local government. This move has brought DeSantis in the firing line of a large number of Disney World lovers.

"@JoyAnnReid is right! It IS child abuse & intimidation. @GovRonDeSantis really IS a sorry excuse for a governor. Joy Reid Calls Pic Of Black Boys Holding Anti-CRT Signs For Ron DeSantis 'Child Abuse'" read a tweet.

A twitter user replying to @ETB2229 @TheView and @ambermruffin #TheView stated: "What Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida did was nothing but race-baiting. Using the black and brown kids as pawns on stage with him as they are holding up signs opposing critical race theory, Joy Reid was right for calling him out on his race-baiting tactics."

"Joy Reid: Baby MAGA DeSantis Is Mad Disney Opposes His 'Don't Say Gay' Law. So Governor Ron DeSantis is playing vengeful politics kind of like dictators do because a Disney oppose one of his bills. This is not the type of leader we need in our country, Perfect for Russia though," expressed a twitter user.

Another tweet read, "Replying to @CharlieCrist @JoyAnnReid and @thereidout Cause that's where you go when you want to be in front of many people? can't wait to vote @GovRonDeSantis Again. Take a look at a Leader America. America's governor @GovRonDeSantis."