More on Nashville Bomber Anthony Warner: Eccentric Loner Who was Sued By Mother Over Property

Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was sued by his mother Betty Christine Lane over property related dispute after his elder brother, Steven Warner, died without leaving a will. Lane, had divorced her husband Charles B. 'Popeye' Warner long before his death in 2011.

Warner, 63, has been identified as the bomber responsible for the blast. As previously reported, Warner's DNA matched with the human remains found at the blast site. "Anthony Warner is the bomber. He was present when the bomb went off, and then he perished in the bombing," US Attorney Don Cochran told the media.

Anthony Quinn Warner
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Warner's Mother Claimed to be the Legal Owner of the House

In its report Daily Mail claimed that Warner and his mother were involved in an ugly dispute regarding the ownership of their ancestral house. Following the death of Warner's father, the house was passed to Steven Warner.

As per the records available with the Davidson County court, Warner's 62-year-old brother died in September 2018, without leaving a will. It was then that the estranged mother said that the house legally belonged to her.

The outlet reported that Lane in her lawsuit claimed that Anthony, acting as 'attorney-in-fact' fraudulently possessed the ownership of $250,000 home for himself in an August 2018 quitclaim deed transfer.

The transfer 'resulted in a personal financial gain for [Anthony] Warner' - who paid the 'wholly inadequate' price of $10, according to the court papers.

'When defendant signed the quit claim deed deeding the real property to himself, this was an act of self-interest and as such, violated his duty to act in the best interest of his brother,' the lawsuit adds.

Warner Had Given His House to Michelle Swing

However, during a February 2019 circuit court hearing, a judge ruled that Lane was in fact the appropriate person to control Steven's estate.

The outlet reported that Warner, who had given his house to a 29-year-old Los Angeles based Michelle Swing, resolved the dispute with his mother in November this year. It was then the property was handed back to Lane by Swing. However, the 85-year-old refused to speak with the outlet.

Warner, who worked as a burglar alarm installer and IT consultant, was described as an eccentric loner who was often spotted working with unusual antennas outside of his home in Antioch, a Nashville suburb.