More Than Friends Finale Spoilers: Shin Ye Eun Turns Away From Ong Seong Wu, Fans Heartbroken

More Than Friends will air its penultimate and final episodes on November 27-28.

JTBC Drama More Than Friends is coming to an end with only penultimate and finale episodes left to be aired. The previous episode of the drama stopped at a crucial stage where the happy couple Ong Seong Wu and Shin Ye Eun met again after breaking up. The last two episodes of the drama will be aired on November 27-28 and fans can't wait to see if Ong will be successful in convincing Shin in getting back together.

The streaming of last two episodes was delayed for a week and fans are waiting to see if the drama will end in smiles or tears. But before giving out the surprise element, here is a preview to what had happened. Shin, who played Kyung Woo Yeon, falls in love with Ong [who plays Lee Soo] in high school. But Ong rejects her love and says they are just friends. It takes 10 years for Shin to get closer to someone else, but that is when Ong realizes his feelings, confesses to Shin and wins her over.

More Than Friends Kdrama
Still from the drama More Than Friends starring Shin Ye Eun and Ong Ong Seong Wu. Soompi

Fans were elated to see Ong and Shin as a happy couple but the choice between pursuing dreams and the love life costs the couple their relationship. The long distance relationship tires both and on Shin's request Ong agrees for the break-up. Shin establishes herself as the calligraphist and Ong completes his photography project but here is what happens when they meet after one year after their break up.

More Than Friends Episode 15 Spoilers

JTBC released the stills from the penultimate episode of the drama. Ong, who is very much in love with Shin, is seen pleading her to get back together with teary eyes. But it looks like Shin doesn't want to give in again and has lost hopes about any future to their relationship. The stills clearly show the awkwardness between Ong and Shin when they meet again. Not responding to Ong's pleas Shin is seen walking away, leaving him in tears.

A representative from the drama production spoke to Soompi and said: "When Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon meet again after their breakup, they will end up glimpsing into one another's hearts and learning things—of which they had previously been completely unaware—about each other's feelings."

Episode 15 of the drama will be aired on November 27 on JTBC at 11 p.m. KST. The penultimate episode will be available on free streaming site Viki on November 29. Here is the preview of episode 15 of More Than Friends.