Lee Joon Gi Shares Pics of Last Day Shoot of Flower Of Evil, Shows Friendship With Kim Ji Hoon

Flower of Evil shooting comes to an end. Lee Joon Gi gives a glimpse into camaraderie between the villains of the drama!

The tvN drama Flower of Evil starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won is coming to an end as September 20 was the last day of shooting for the crime thriller drama. Lead cast Joon Gi took to Instagram to share the images and his thoughts on the last day of the filming of Flower of Evil.

Lee Joon Gi thanked his staff and family for being by his side for seven months during the production of the drama. The staff gave the star a surprise by presenting him with a farewell cake and Lee Joong Gi couldn't stop smiling after receiving the gift.

Lee Joon Gi Kim Ji Won
Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Hoon rehearsing for a fight scene in the drama Flower of Evil. Lee Joon Gi on the last day of the shooting of the drama. Instagram

"I'm so grateful that I always have good people by my side, and it makes me think I did something right. I will do my best to live as a better person. I also want to thank my fans for supporting me until the final shooting. You all make me very happy," he said. He ended the post with a request to fans to watch the final episode of the drama slated to air on September 23.

Lee Joon Gi – Kim Ji Hoon BTS

In the recently released behind the scenes [BTS] video of Flower of Evil, falsely accused as killer, Do Hyun Soo [Lee Joon Gi] and psychopath serial killer Baek Hee Sung [Kim Ji Hoon] were seen hugging each other and joking around. On screen both are after each other's blood and once the camera is off both are all smiles keeping the entire set lively.

Joon Gi and Ji Hoon always practice their fight scenes together. But as soon as Ji Hoon starts speaking with his signature tone [of the character in the drama] Joon Gi cannot stop laughing which makes both of them laugh out loud.

While shooting the pre-climax scene where both fight inside Do Min Seok's workshop, Joon Gi is supposed to stab Ji Hoon but he ends up joking that he wants to cut Ji Hoon's long hairs before stabbing him and enacts cutting of the hair with knife, leaving the entire set in a flood of laughter.

Watch behind the scenes video here:

The last episode of the drama will air on September 23 on tvN at 10.50 p.m. KST. The drama can be watched on the free website Viki Rakuten that will also stream the episode around the same time.

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7개월동안 힘든 내색없이 내 옆을 든든하게 지켜준 사랑하는 나의 스태프 나의 가족들 너무너무 고생많았어 마지막 촬영이라고 몰래 몰래 조심스럽게 꾸며준 이 정성에 눈물나더라😭 난 잘살고있구나 내옆엔 항상 좋은사람들이 있구나 또한번 감사하며 더 좋은사람으로 잘 살아야겠다 ^^ 마지막 촬영까지 응원을 아끼지 않고 내배우 참좋다 외쳐주시는 우리 팬들 진심으로 감사합니다 😭💓여러분이 있기에 저는 행복할수밖에 없어요 ㅜㅜ 힘이 납니다 😭👍💌🌹💓그리고 우리 감독님을 비롯 모든 스태프들 정말 진심으로 감사합니다. 다음주 마지막회까지 함께해주세요 사랑합니다 💓💌

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