Moon in the Day First Impression; Episode 1 (Premiere) Recap, Review

Moon in the Day premiered on ENA on Wednesday (November 1) at 9:00 pm KST. The chapter featured an action-packed scene at a war field. It introduced Kim Young Dae as an elite noble of the Silla Dynasty named Do Ha, who killed every member of Han Ri Ta's family. People in Korea watched the episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the first chapter on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

The mini-series focussed on revenge at the beginning. Han Ri Ta tried to kill Do Ha several times and succeeded. Ever since then, the nobleman haunted his lover for betraying him. He wanted to take revenge on her in one way or the other. He waited for several years to get an opportunity to achieve his goal.

The new ENA historical fantasy romance drama Moon in the Day introduced viewers to Kim Young Dae as top star Han Joon Oh and Pyo Ye Jin as firefighter Kang Young Hwa when the story was halfway through in the premiere episode. They met for the first time during the promotional activities of a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Moon in the Day
Moon in the Day poster Twitter/ENA

During her life as a firefighter, Kang Young Hwa gained attention from the media as a savior. She always made sure everybody was safe. No one died when she was in the field. The Department of Fire and Safety decided to use her popularity to create an advertisement. The top star portrayed the well-known firefighter on screen. He did not enjoy the role.

The First Meeting

Han Joon Oh met Kang Young Hwa during the press conference that featured the real hero meet the reel hero. Although the onscreen couple looked comfortable with each other in front of the camera, behind the scenes, they fought to the extent that the top star got bruises on his arm.

Moon in the Day
Moon in the Day poster ENA

The male protagonist did not pay much attention to the firefighter when she was teaching him the safety measures. He was busy contacting his former lover, who called it quits with him. The female lead got irritated by the actor's attitude. She confronted him for not listening to her. When he continued to do the same, she snatched his phone and walked out. They had a heated argument at the filming location. The firefighter twisted the top star's arm in anger.

Han Joon Oh and Kang Young Hwa dealt with an unexpected situation towards the end of episode 1. The top star suffered from cancer and lost consciousness while he was sitting inside the car. The vehicle moved and fell into the water. When the firefighter saw it, she jumped into the water to save the actor. Although she brought him up, he was declared dead at the casualty. Immediately after the firefighter heard the sad news, she lost consciousness. The onscreen couple met again miraculously.