A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 4 Recap, Review

A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 4 aired on MBC on Wednesday (November 1) at 9:00 pm KST. The chapter follows Han Hae Na as she tries to lift her curse with the help of her sister, Han Yu Na, her childhood friend Song Woo Taek, and high school student Choi Yool. People in Korea watched the episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the chapter with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

The romantic comedy-drama picked up right from where it left off in episode 3 and featured the various challenges faced by the onscreen couple in their romantic relationship. Despite the hurdles, Han Hae Na got a step closer to Jin Seo Won as they started work together on a new mission in A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 4. The math teacher had high hopes for his first trip with the secret crush.

But things were awkward between the two since he struggled a lot as an amateur driver. Still, the duo enjoyed some heart-fluttering moments with one another during the trip. When he got closer to her with his umbrellas open to hide from Yoon Chae Ah, her heart started beating fast. When he held her hands while they were running towards the venue, she felt the same. Unfortunately, they had to part ways immediately after the wedding ceremony.

Yoon Chae Ah played a trick and dragged Jin Seo Won out while Cheon Song Yi helped Han Hae Na to spend time with Lee Bo Gyeom on her way back home. Surprisingly, the Korean teacher did not enjoy the long drive with the history teacher. She kept thinking about the math teacher. In the meantime, the history teacher continued playing his tricks against the onscreen couple.

A Good Day to Be a Dog
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A New Plan

Han Yu Na executed another plan to help her sister lift the curse. She asked Han Hae Na to kiss Yoon Chae Ah when he was fast asleep. Song Woo Taek thought it could work if they got some help from Choi Yool. He already knows about the curse. But the Korean teacher thought it could be embarrassing for her to explain everything to him. So, her sister took the initiative with the help of her childhood friend. They asked the high school student to help his home school teacher to lift the curse.

Han Hae Na politely asked Choi Yool if he could help her. He happily agreed. When the female lead turned into a dog that night, her sister took her to the math teacher's house. The high school student helped his teacher kiss his uncle in the dog form and lift her curse. The Korean teacher kissed her colleague twice, but she did not get her human form. She waited for the next day to find out if things had changed. She turned into a dog again.

A Good Day To Be A Dog
A Good Day To Be A Dog relationship chart. MBC

The Mystery

Han Hae Na and Han Yu Na became curious why their plan did not work. The older sibling asked their mother about the curse. She informed her daughter that a person can only lift the curse by kissing the individual when that person is fully conscious. The girls thought it was nearly impossible to kiss a man in dog form when that person was scared of that animal.

So, Han Yu Na came up with another plan. She asked her sister to help the math teacher overcome his fear of dogs. The Korean teacher initially hesitated. Then, she gathered the courage to ask her colleague if she could help him. He happily accepted her offer. The onscreen couple started focussing on their new mission towards the end of A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 4.