Monthly Magazine Home: Jung So Min Portrays Love-Hate Relationship with Kim Ji Suk in new JTBC

Monthly Magazine Home is just a week away from its premiere, and here is everything K-drama fans need to know about this mini-series, including story, cast, and live streaming details.

Actress Jung So Min returns on screens with a new mini-series from June 16. In the romantic comedy-drama, she will be portraying her complicated relationship with a young businessman. The K-drama will give a glimpse of the real estate business in South Korea while highlighting the struggles of tenants in big cities.

Through the mini-series, the actress will reunite with her co-star of the 2013 KBS drama, You Came To Me And Became A Star, after eight years. About the reunion with Kim Ji Suk, the actress said she feels comfortable working with the actor because he always encourages and helps his colleagues.

What is the Story of Monthly Magazine Home?

The script for this romantic comedy-drama is written by screenwriter Myung Soo Hyun of Drinking Solo fame. The mini-series revolves around a Young businessman named Yoo Ja Sung and his relationship with magazine editor Na Young Won. Ja Sung is the CEO of a lifestyle magazine called Monthly House, and Young Won works in the media house as a senior editor.

Both the characters are different from each other, and their interests often conflict with one another. For instance, Ja Sung is very successful in the real estate business, and he believes that a house is just a place to sleep or relax after long working hours. On the other hand, Young Won thinks that home is the only place to be true to herself.

Monthly Magazine Home
Actress Jung So Min as editor Na Young Won in upcoming JTBC drama Monthly Magazine Home. Twitter/JTBC

The two characters get involved in a never-ending fight after Young Won becomes the new tenant of Ja Sung's house. Gradually the two enemies will become friends, and tension will build up in the story from that point.

Who are the Cast Members of Monthly Magazine Home?

The mini-series will feature actor Ji Suk as the young businessman Ja Sung and actress So Min as his employee Young Won. Actors Kim Won Hae, Yoon Ji On, Jung Gun Joo, Lee Hwa Kyum, Ahn Chang Hwan, Chae Jung An, and Ahn Hyun Ho will also appear in the upcoming JTBC drama as supporting casts.

In the romantic comedy-drama Gun Joo will portray photographer Shin Kyum, Hyun Ho will appear as assistant photographer Jang Chan, Ji On, Jung An, and Hwa Kyum will showcase editors Yook Mi Ra, Yeo Ui Joo, and Gye Joo Hee, Chang-Hwan will play the role of editor Nam Sang Soon, and Won Hae will portray editor-in-chief Choi Go in the JTBC drama.

Monthly Magazine Home
A poster of new JTBC drama Monthly Magazine Home. JTBC

When and where to watch Monthly Magazine Home?

The director of this JTBC drama is Lee Chang Min, and it will premiere on June 16 at 9 pm KST. Korean drama lovers can tune in to the broadcasting channel to watch the mini-series or stream it with subtitles through various online platforms.