MONSTA X's Minhyuk Fans Slam Kim Eung Soo for his Disrespectful Comments; Demand an Apology

Actor Kim Eung Soo has come under attack from the fans of MONSTA X's Minhyuk for his degrading comments against their icon. They are now seeking an apology for his disrespectful comments on the young rapper.

Minhyuk and Kim Eung Soo
Minhyuk and Kim Eung Soo. Instagram

How it All Started?
Kim Eung Soo, who comes live on EungsooCINE through Naver NOW, was interacting with Kim Junsu when the conversation veered about Minhyuk. The latter recalled how nervous the idol was trembling during their meeting.

The text of their Conversation:

Kim Junsu: I could see that his hands were trembling. More than a feeling of gratitude, I felt I had to work and live harder so as not to be ashamed of myself. When I see people like him...

Kim Eung Soo: He made you feel pressured?

Kim Junsu: No, no, he didn't pressure me, I was grateful. I was so grateful to him. I thought 'who I am for you to be nervous like this.' In a way, it felt strange but I was grateful.

Kim Eung Soo: It's because Minhyuk knows that he can never catch up to you

Kim Junsu: This is not true.

Kim Eung Soo: If you two sing together It's the same thing as Dongwon looking at you that way. Your stage experience is incomparable.

Kim Junsu: Minyuk has his own thing at which he's way better than me.

Kim Eung Soo: What does Minhyuk do better than you?

Kim Junsu: First of all, he's insanely good-looking. I was shocked.

Kim Eung Soo: It's not like you are ugly. Do you think you're not good-looking? What is there for you to be shocked at?

Kim Eung Soo: Fine, say he's better looking than you. That lasts about 3 minutes.

Kim Eung Soo: Minhyuk, you're the best.

The video of their conversation has gone viral as the fans of Minhyuk are criticising Kim Eung Soo was his disrespectful words. Check out select-few comments of the fans:

mochiHatching chick: Kim eung soo going down the drain. We love to see it.

minhyukilla: is that kim eung soo guy serious... he literally dissed a colleague... who also works.... in Naver Now.... is he serious

minhyuklocked: the audacity of this old man to disrespect minhyuk like that??!?!

Amber: why does korea keep giving these boomers platforms to degrade the younger generation? so many juniors idolize him and he gives them a voice. leave minhyuk out of your mouth unless you are praising him!!sorry you can't look good for even 3 mins!!