Ryu Joon Yeol took his bromance with Kim Junsu a step ahead. The actor met his favorite idol at creative musical play Dorian Gray in which the JYJ member is playing the lead character.

During his live interaction on V App, the 30-yaer-old showcased his exuberance on meeting the singer and also vouched for the play. He said: " I finally met him. I was embarrassed and Kim Junsu seemed embarrassed too. The musical 'Dorian Gray' was so fun. I recommend it. I'm also using the kimchi fridge well." Junsu apparently gifted Joon Yeol with a Kimchi fridge as a part of a radio broadcasting show.

JYJ's Kim Junsu and actor Jon Yeol are the product of C-Jes Entertainment and has often shown interest in knowing each other better. The boy group member also expressed his desire to meet the actor on a coffee date: " I want to have a cup of coffee with him and chat"

During an early interview, Junsu gushed about Yeol : "I came to know Ryu Jun Yeol because he is my labelmate. We both like soccer. One thing that disappoints me is the fact that I haven't gotten the chance to really sit down and talk with him, " he said.

The singer-songwriter further relayed: "Ryu Jun Yeol started filming 'Reply 1988' right when he entered our company and was really busy. I was busy, too, and our schedules didn't work out. I don't know if he'll come to the concert but he did promote my album through his SNS"

"I laughed seeing that because I was thankful. I heard he's a very optimistic friend and I bet he'll match with my personality. I want to have a cup of coffee with him and chat. I bought him a kimchi refrigerator but he says it didn't arrive yet. I think he'll send a picture of it when it gets to him," he said.