Monkey vs King Cobra: Guess Who Won the Battle in THIS Viral Video

In the viral video, the monkey is seen fearlessly fighting back against the venomous serpent

Fights in the animal kingdom are not new, but when the types of animals we believe to be inferior win the battle against the superiors, it's unusual. Recently, a video of a monkey fighting with a king cobra has started doing the rounds on social media.

An intense battle between the duo can be seen in the one-minute-51-seconds video, in which the monkey is fearlessly fighting back against the venomous serpent. Nevertheless, the cobra is also seen trying its level best to bite the monkey and scare it away.

Guess Who Won the Battle?

Monkey and King Cobra
Monkey vs King Cobra: Guess who won the battle! Pixabay

Initially, the monkey was trying to be careful without getting too close to the deadly reptile. The quick movements of the primate even help it several times from the snake bite. They refuse to give up, the snake had to admit its failure. However, the monkey, who put up a courageous battle won the fight as the King Cobra is seen leaving the scene in the viral video.

Though we are unsure where this incident occurred, the video has been shared online by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda. "Monkey fighting a King Cobra & coming out triumphant. One of its kind (Free wild from chains & cages. Forest is their rightful place)," he captioned while sharing the video on social media on June 3, 2020.

Was That Monkey Chained?

Though many netizens have been praising the monkey's courage is fighting with the venomous snake, some others were quick to notice that the monkey has been chained while battling with the snake. "That monkey is in chains, looks like it, and if so it had no other option but to fight(sic)," a netizen commented.

"It's another Human's cruelty against nature for our entertainment purpose. Both #Wildlifes from this video are caged & chained. It's not natural. It's human cruelty drama against #nature," another user commented on Twitter.

Watch the Video Here: