'Monkeying around': CCTV footage captures a primate 'breaking into' an ATM in India

4,000 to 5,000 Rhesus Macaques live in and around Delhi known for stealing food, snapping power lines and causing trouble to passersby

State Bank of India (SBI) ATM captured a CCTV footage of a monkey climbing on the front of the machine and pulled open the front panel in Delhi on Wednesday. A banker who arrived at the ATM after the incident found the machine broken and raised the alarm suspecting it to be a robbery case.

The police arrived at the suspected robbery spot near the country's presidential palace and found it to be monkey business. After the front of the machine was tugged off, officers in New Delhi were called at the SBI ATM. Suspecting it to be an attempt of robbery, cops discovered the culprit to be a primate while reviewing the CCTV footage.

The primate is believed to be Rhesus Macaque that is native to the city that pulled the top of the ATM machine according to the video. The machine fell apart when the curious monkey jumped up and was trying to explore it. Cops saw the monkey jumping up and down on an open lid and pulling out a piece of plastic and smelling it. Later on, it dropped down and left.

Primates known for causing chaos

Representational image pixabay

How did the monkey manage to come inside and escape out of the ATM through the glass door with a handle is still not clear. There are 4,000 to 5,000 Rhesus Macaques living in and around New Delhi who have a reputation of causing disorder. They are frequently recognized for stealing food items, breaking power lines and attacking passers.

In a similar incident recently, a video went viral on Twitter where a monkey on a miniature bike tried to snatch a toddler in Indonesia. In the 15 second video, a monkey came on the mini motorbike, got off and jumped on the bench where people were sitting. He tried to snatch a toddler due to which the baby fell down and got out of the grip of the monkey.

The monkey left the baby after covering some distance when it sees people coming towards it. Then the baby got up and walked back towards the bench. "Can't remember the last time I saw a monkey ride-up on a motorcycle and try to steal a toddler. It's been ages," one Twitterati wrote.