Microsoft redesigns Cortana for iOS, introduces 'quick actions' feature

Changes have been made on the calling and messaging capacities of Cortana.


When it comes to Apple, its virtual assistant Siri takes over most of the tasks. Tech giant Microsoft, however, wants to bring a change to the norm with a redesigned version of Cortana. Though Cortana is more at home with Windows 10, Microsoft hopes that this facelift will also lead to acquiring new users over other platforms.

One of the notable features that have made its way to the update is "Quick actions" feature which let the user tap on a few buttons and gets things like setting an alarm, putting up a reminder or even telling a joke done. There is no need to talk or type to get some basic elements going as everything with the new UI has been put at the fingertip of the user. The company also promises that through this update the page transitions will be smoother and the response timing to the queries has also been improved upon. The redesign that Microsoft gave to Cortana on the iOS platform is similar to what it had done for Cortana for Android earlier.

Changes have also been made on the calling and messaging capacities of Cortana to make it a worthy competitor to Siri. So, if now a user wants to place a call the update will trigger and open the iphone's dialer and subsequently if the user wants to send a message, the built in messaging app will be accessed.

With this update, Microsoft aims to provide the users with a more immersive experience and also if not compete but stand alongside with Apple's own Siri and make a separate identity for itself.

This article was first published on March 12, 2017