iPhone 8 to incorporate Ultrasound Touch ID sensor?

The new Apple device is said to have an OLED display along with an ultrasound Touch ID sensor.

iphone 8

Millions of excited people are waiting eagerly across the globe for the launch of the new iPhone 8. Every day new features and specifications are surfacing on the internet about the upcoming phone by Apple. In a recent report, it is said the device will sport an OLED display that will be virtually edge-less along with an ultrasound Touch ID sensor.

If it's true then we can be assured that Apple has finally found a way to remove the iconic home button without sacrificing any features or functionalities that come with the button. The touch ID fingerprint sensor is very important as it unlocks the phone and logs in into different programs and accesses Apple Pay. The ultrasound technology is expected to keep it that way.

As per a report by BGR, Apple has just discovered a way to integrate its Touch ID into the iPhone's OLED screen. Reports also confirmed that this time the tech giant will not use the Natural ID fingerprint sensor technology of Synaptics and Qualcomm, but will use its very own Authentech algorithm and glass identification technology of Privaris. If things go according to plan, iPhone 8 will be the newest Touch ID and will use Ultrasound technology in reading the fingerprint of the user. Moreover, it is the first time that Apple will be using this surprisingly unorthodox type of technology in smartphones.

TSMC will be the company in charge of building and producing the new Ultrasound Touch ID of the iPhone 8. This is the same company that is producing the microchips for the upcoming iPhones.

According to Toms Guide, the new fingerprint ID solution of the iPhone 8 is the main reason why production of iPhone 8 has been delayed.

This article was first published on March 5, 2017