Miami Airport Racist Anti-Masker Identified as Military Vet; Was Denied Boarding After Hitting Girlfriend (Video)

An anti-masker went on violent rampage destroying public property sand using racial slurs targeting an airline worker at the Miami International Airport. The man, who was later identified as a military veteran, was trying to enter an American Airlines gate in Terminal D.

The video, which was shared by Twitter user, "Only in Dade" has gone viral with over 5 million views.

Miami airport
Miami airport
Man went into a racist meltdown at Miami Airport.

Violent Vet Shouts Racial Slurs at Employee

The one-minute video begins with a man spotted wearing black t-shirt, gray pants and a baseball cap backwards shouting at a black man, appearing to be an airline worker.

The man is seen jumping around the terminal floor as he challenges the worker for boxing. Shocked onlookers are seen shouting asking the violent man to calm down. At one point the man is heard shouting the word 'nigger' towards the black employee who is seen shielding himself from his attacks.

"Wow, he's actually calling people n****rs," an off camera woman is heard saying. The man then goes on to knock over the post and rope pillars placed by the authorities. "Where's the police?" a woman is heard saying.

The violent man picks one of the pillars and charges towards the employee almost hitting him with it. While trying to defend himself, the victim tries to punch back the racist making him land on his rear on the floor.

He then goes on an inaudible ranting spree before walking away. He is also seen kicking a "wet floor" sign, almost hitting another passenger in the process.

Man Was Denied Boarding Due to His Aggressive Behavior

In a tweet, Miami International Airport wrote: "We continue to stand firm with @MiamiDadePD in protecting the security/safety of all areas in the airport. @FAANews reported unruly behavior incidents are to more than 3,800 in '21. We don't tolerate this behavior at MIA. Police responded & apprehended the passenger."

Local reported that the Miami-Dade police identified the violent man as a military veteran who was taken to a treatment center for evaluation after being taken into custody.

An eyewitness told the outlet that prior to the violent outburst, the intoxicated man had gone inside the women's restroom near gate D23 where he got into a physical fight with his girlfriend. It was because of his aggressive behavior that the airline employee did not allow him to board the flight.