Mexican Politician Caught Using Toilet, Wiping Himself During Live Zoom Meeting After Forgetting to Turn Off Camera [VIDEO]

As soon as he realized his mistake, the lawmaker immediately picked up his phone and exited the Zoom meeting.

A Mexican politician has been left red-faced after he was caught using the toilet while on a Zoom call with his colleagues.

Federico Doring, the PAN deputy for the Congress of Mexico City, was caught sitting on the toilet and wiping his bottom, in the middle of a virtual Congress session.

The embarrassing yet hilarious incident took place on Nov. 19 during a session of the United Commissions on Regulations, Studies and Parliamentary Practices and Administration and Procurement of Justice of the Capital Congress.

Federico Doring
Federico Doring (left) and a still from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

In the clip, Doring can be seen looking toward the camera whilst wearing a mask, before placing his phone on the floor, as his colleagues vote in the meeting.It appeared that the lawmaker had forgotten to turn off his camera as he proceeded to reach out for toilet paper before cleaning himself with it in full view of his colleagues.

Upon realizing his mistake, the local deputy frantically picks up his phone and leaves the Zoom meeting. Although the incident lasted just a few seconds, the video has since gone viral on social media with more than 2 million views.

Watch the clip below:

"We should correctly rethink the type of popular representatives that we have and that we elect," wrote one user. "Being in the bathroom and "working" in that way is a real insult to the country."

"Do not be scandalized: that is what Federico Doring does every time he gives his opinion," commented another.

This is not the first time a lawmaker has been caught attending nature's call during a live Zoom session. Earlier this year, Canadian MP Amos was caught urinating during a virtual meeting. In a similar incident, a NJ school board member exposed her bare bottom to her colleagues after visiting the bathroom during a live Zoom meeting, as previously reported.