Memes Surface as Donald Trump's Imaginary 'Reinstatement Day' Ends With No Change

Former US President Donald Trump was subjected to a series of memes mocking his 'reinstatement' which was widely believed by his supporters. August 13 was widely publicized as the day for Trump's reinstatement to the White House by QAnon, Mike Lindell, and his former aides.

Despite several months having passed since Joe Biden took over as the US President, key Trump allies and his supporters are still claiming the elections to be fraud.

Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump. Wikimedia Commons

Trump Believers Push His Return to White House

During a three-day conference, named "For God & Country: Patriot Roundup," organized in June, Trump's former national security advisor Sidney Powell said that Biden should be removed from office and Trump should be "reinstated." Claiming that Trump could still be inaugurated but wouldn't get "credit for time lost," Powell said, "He can simply be reinstated."

"A new inauguration date is set, and Biden is told to move out of the White House, and President Trump should be moved back in," she continued. "I'm sure there's not going to be credit for time lost, unfortunately, because the Constitution itself sets the date for inauguration, but he should definitely get the remainder of his term and make the best of it," said Powell, who is known to have filed multiple of unsuccessful lawsuits attempting to overturn the 2020 election result.

Recently, MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell also assured Trump believers that Trump would be reinstated as US president on 13 August. "The morning of August 13, it'll be the talk of the world," Lindell said during his address on a conservative podcast. However, he is now claiming 30 September as the next date for Trump's return to White House, the Independent reported.

#TrumpReinstatement Trends on Social Media

Even though Trump never publicly spoke about his reinstatement into the White House by ousting US President Joe Biden, he was definitely subjected to memes for an imaginary claim floated by his staunch supporters.

Soon #TrumpReinstatment and #TrumpReinstated were trending on Twitter. "Today -- the day of the Trump Reinstatment -- Trump and Biden swapped bodies. Trump is now in control in the White House. Biden is golfing in Florida. Both Dr. Jill Biden & Melania consented to the switch in a secret ceremony in the Oval office presided over by John Kennedy, Jr." wrote a user.

"What is everyone wearing to Trump's reinstatment? I don't want to be over dressed," tweeted a user as another added, "Does anyone know where the Trump Reinstatment Ceremony is being held? I'm all dressed up and no place to go."

"Does anyone know where the Trump Reinstatment Ceremony is being held? I'm all dressed up and no place to go," read another tweet.

Here is a look at some more tweets: